At Subtec Pro, our clients trust us to deliver their project to the highest standard, on time, and on budget.

We handpick engineers for every project, matching their skillset and experience with the project requirements.

As well as specialising in BOPs, our team is versatile in all aspects of subsea-related equipment, ranging from marine riser tensioning systems to high pressure pumps. We have expertise in commissioning and reactivation, ensuring that drilling assets are ready for operation. We also provide equipment surveys and crew competency inspections.

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Drilling in deepwater and harsh environments requires subsea risers to be regularly inspected to ensure the safety of operations.

At Subtec Pro, we have engineers who specialise in riser inspection and overhaul, ensuring that they are fit for purpose and will be effective in operation.

Find out more about how our engineers can enhance project productivity while keeping downtime to a minimum.

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Our crew competency assessments increase operational performance and keep downtime to a minimum.

They develop competencies through a structured development plan that’s tailored to the individual needs of crew members. In turn, our assessments improve the overall productivity and proficiency of subsea operations. In this current market, we see inexperienced subsea engineers regularly being placed in charge of the most crucial element on a rig – the blowout preventer. At Subtec Pro, we can help verify that crew members have the skills that they claimed to have during the interview process.

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While having access to spare parts is essential in the subsea sector, holding on to parts that are unnecessary ties up capital.

At Subtec Pro, we help companies develop a spare part strategy that maximises asset availability while keeping costs to a minimum. We consider the quantity and security of spare parts with the aim of balancing availability. Performing regular spares checks ensures that the location of capital spares is pristine. By carrying out function and pressure tests to ensure functionality prior to be shipped off to the rig, we also ensure that equipment is within its Certificate of Compliance period and is fit for service.

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Our fully-qualified engineers work directly with subsea crews to ensure that all equipment is fit for service.

Our Factory Acceptance Testing evaluates equipment throughout the assembly process to ensure that it operates in accordance with design specifications. Our System Integration Testing reduces the risk of downtime by ensuring that systems are set-up properly and running as effectively as possible.

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Complying with well control regulations is a top priority for all drilling companies.

To maximise production and to ensure the safety of engineers, equipment needs to be checked regularly. At Subtec Pro, we conduct equipment inspections, surveys and gap analyses to ensure our clients’ practices meet regulations and well control compliance.

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We provide control system engineers that can carry out diagnostics and health checks on current blowout prevention controls systems.

Our BOP controls engineers will review current maintenance plans for the control system and ensure that all project managers are kept up-to-date with the status of controls.


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At Subtec Pro, our clients see us as an extension of their company.

As qualified subsea engineers ourselves, we have first-hand experience of drilling in the oil and gas sector. Our expertise in well control equipment means we can assist with troubleshooting and provide advice based on our wealth of experience. We’re able to advise contractors on how to reduce a project’s timespan by using the most efficient methods that we’ve developed from undertaking numerous projects.

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Our well control engineers are fully-versed in all aspects of conventional control systems and particularly in hydraulic jack-up systems.

We take the time to follow manufacturers’ guidance when maintaining all equipment to ensure issues are resolved quickly and effectively, minimising downtime. Our team can also provide drill floor mentoring, demonstrating the correct maintenance and fault finding procedures. We provide on-the-job training that enables operators better maintain their equipment and prevent down time.


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Vendor surveillance is crucial to a project’s operational success.

At Subtec Pro, we ensure that all equipment that passes through a vendor’s site is verified and fit for purpose. We ensure that equipment is fully-operational and that no downtime will occur from its use.

We provide daily reports on the status of equipment, creating a work history that reassures personnel when used in the field. Our surveillance also ensures that all work carried out by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is of the highest level. In short, we provide a ‘plug and play’ service that saves time and money on the rig.

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BOP stacking and reactivation projects require specific engineering expertise.

The cost of reactivation in particular can be significantly higher if the correct preservation procedures weren’t followed in the first instance. At Subtec Pro, we employ a methodical approach to blowout preventor preservation, based on years of experience. Our team is highly-trained and fully-qualified in the preservation of BOP equipment and ensure that all assets are fully operational when it comes time to reactivate.

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Ongoing support ensures that standards are maintained and that projects meet their targets.

Our engineers and managers have the experience and technical knowledge to guide projects from the start, through to commissioning and completion. Their expertise in well control, BOPs, design and operation ensure that projects are delivered safely and to schedule.

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Our operational support is focused on meeting the individual challenges presented by subsea departments.

We can handle all project operations, including offshore campaign planning, troubleshooting and diagnostics, full end-of-well work scopes and spares strategies. We also provide verification that our engineers are fully competent to perform their duties.

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As a team of qualified subsea engineers, we understand the repercussions that downtime can have on drilling operations.

At Subtec Pro, we provide experienced subsea project managers that oversee the entire project lifecycle. Our team is fully-qualified and industry-trained. We take responsibility for delivering projects to exact specifications using a flexible and scalable approach.